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I have more than two decades of experience working with global and local companies, in Uruguay and Israel. Throughout my career, I have combined business and operational positions with my love for words and writing.


I also had the opportunity to be in charge of international working teams, so I understand the importance of having excellent communication skills when addressing a different culture.


Written expression is increasingly relevant. Either due to the need to reach new markets abroad or to be explicit transferring knowledge internally. It can be a new process or a new product. If people don't understand what you mean or don't get their attention, your message won't get anywhere. This is the reason why I offer a wide range of services. Because messages are everywhere.


I am committed to delivering a high-quality output, according to your needs, in the shortest possible time.



Maia Blank, founder & director

What services do I offer?

Translations to Spanish

Documents and texts translation from English or Hebrew to Spanish.


Send me the details and I will contact you back with an offer and a delivery plan. 

** No books. A book requires a treatment I can not provide. But I can tell you who can :)


Content creation & 

Text revision

Having studied Literature and Marketing, worked in the commercial area, being a published author, a literary agent, and carried out several blogs, I can assure I know the matter.

I am aware of the need to adapt the message to the final audience and the importance of knowing the market before even writing the first word.

So, tell me about your world. I will be delighted to write about it for you or correct your texts so your Spanish texts look brilliant!

Minimal Office

Processes & Projects

"I have worked with Maia in a international pricing project. She have a great pricing and associated process knowledge and she is able to lead a project from end to end. I have appreciated also her capability to detect issues and to propose solutions."

Augusto Ludovic, PhD

EMEA Pricing Process Lead

M France

Comittment & Attitude

" Maia worked for 3M more than five years. During that time, she demonstrated a very high level of professionalism and comittment. She has very good analytic skills and strong ability to lead process and change management projects. In addition, Maia is a person with whom it's a pleasure to work thanks to her interpersonal relationship skills." 

Country Leader

3M Israel


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